Autoresponder for Great Customer Service

Great customer service takes work and planning. The rewards for great customer service are immeasurable. Happy customers will: Return and re-order. Tell their friends. Share their experience on Facebook. Post links to your site on social media. Post images of your products on social media. Great customer service results in your customers doing marketing for

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What are Google Analytics Funnels?

Google Analytics provides lots of information.  The key is to find the useful and actionable information.  It's all too easy to get sucked into looking at interesting information that you can't do anything about. That's just a waste of time. A Google Analytics funnels are useful and actionable They are useful because it tells you how visitors are interacting

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What is a Zen Cart Responsive Template?

You've been told you need a 'responsive template' for your website. But why? What is a responsive template? Mobile is getting more and more popular. Not just for browsing but also for buying online. Websites used to be designed for desktop computers with wide, big screens.  Phones have different requirements: Smaller screens so less content

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