Zen Cart v1.5.7b Released

Zen Cart announced the release of version 1.5.7b today. For those using version 1.5.7a, this is a minor update which can easily be done in place. It includes: All known bugfixes and security fixes. Security patch for v157/v157a. Order weight correctly tracked when orders are placed. Prevent blank-screen failures if too-many-characters are entered when creating

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Questions from Customers are Gold

Questions from customers can be some of the most valuable, and easiest to create, data you have on your website. Think about why someone comes to your website. They have a need or a problem they want to solve. They go looking for an answer to the question "Will this solve my problem?". There

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How Rich Snippets Result In Searchers Visiting Your Website More Often

Do you know what rich snippets are? Google and Bing do and they really like them, which is why you should use rich snippets on your website. Webmasters use this shared vocabulary to structure metadata on their websites and to help search engines understand the published content, a technique known as search engine optimization.

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