POODLE and the End of SSL v3

The recently announced POODLE security vulnerability has caused those in the security industry, and primarily in the payment processing business, to re-evaluate.  PayPal and Authorize.net have both announced they will end support for SSL v3.  What does that mean?  An article from Authorize.net does a nice job explaining what is POODLE and what it means. As

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PayPal Payment Options

PayPal is a popular choice when it comes to payment options. For many Zen Cart owners the question is which one since there are three different modules. They are Express, Standard and Payments Pro. You can find a detailed explanation of all three in the Zen Cart FAQ section. Here's a short version: PayPal Payments

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Authorize.net Payment Module for Zen Cart

To accept credit cards, you'll need a merchant account and a gateway.  Authorize.net is the gateway of choice for many merchant account providers. This is because they are one of the largest gateway providers in the US. Reliability and security are obviously important when it comes to accepting credits cards and they are both.

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