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Wheaton Website Services is an expert in Zen Cart, Shopify, Big Commerce and WordPress/WooCommerce with over 22 years of experience both building and running online businesses.

We provide both website design and website development as well as hosting services. Most of our clients are small or medium-sized businesses who do not have full-time IT staff. They need someone to manage their website with them. That’s what we do.

We fix problems, perform upgrades and add new features all to help you improve and grow your business. We work across many industries including architects, lawyers, home owner associations and just about any e-commerce product you can sell online.

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Hats and Caps

John Helmer

This client wanted to upgrade their Zen Cart but more importantly, their mobile site was nearly non-functional. The slow speed made it unusable for their clients.


Architecture Website

This architect had a very old website. It was not what they needed or wanted and was impossible for them to make even minor edits. It was time for a brand new website. Together we mapped out their needs and build a new website to fulfill those needs.

Custom Clothing

This company has several websites doing both retail and wholesale sales in addition to having multiple brick and mortar locations. They needed to consolidate websites and platforms.

Vintage Plumbing

Vintage Plumbing

They’ve had a website since 1999. It had been updated since then but was long overdue for an update to both the look and feel but the functionality too. It was a cobbled together site of static html pages and a Zen Cart for sales.

Dog Training and Supplies

Dog Training and Supplies

Our client had long maintained two websites. A WordPress for their site content and a Zen Cart to sell their products. They wanted a simpler system for maintenance reasons as well as for customer and admin usability.

Wood Burning Stoves

Their products, and their customers, require highly detailed information about the stoves sell. To achieve this, they use a high customized Zen Cart website. They needed a developer with a better skill set to support them.

Beauty and Make Up

Ecco Bella had out grown their previous e-commerce site and needed more automation for their growing company. They selected Big Commerce and we built their new site. It integrates with several third-party apps allowing them to be more efficient with existing resources.

Golden Retriever Rescue

As Good as Gold mobile

There website had need been updated in several years and was no longer fulfilling the needs of the rescue or those who visited their website. They needed a full site update and redesign. Over the years, the original logo file had been lost so we created a new, refreshed hi-res logo as well.

Custom Jewelry

Our client needed a more modern, mobile friendly website and improved graphics. Their current site was very dated and didn’t give visitors the right impression of their business. We built a custom responsive Zen Cart template and included sleek, modern graphics and icons.