Is Offering Free Shipping Worth It?

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash Small businesses adapted quickly to demand for on-line shopping in the last few years. Online shopping hasn’t slowed down, either. In a recent Jungle Scout survey, 72% of consumers said online spending either stayed the same or increased in 2Q 2022. Shoppers search and make decisions

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Website Maintenance: Help Reach Your Business Plan Goals

What are your top business goals? Grow revenues? Build brand recognition? Boost conversions? Reduce expenses? A well maintained website will help achieve these. Add a line item to your business plan saying, “Maintain the website on a regular basis,” to keep your business performing at its best and reach your goals. What does website

Google’s Core Web Vitals Update – Will It Affect Your Website Ranking?

In May 2021, Google will update their core web vitals metrics, which measure website performance from a user point of view. Specifically, the three core web vitals will measure how fast a page’s largest image or text block loads (Largest Contentful Paint), how fast a page becomes visible to the user (First Input Delay),

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What is a registrar, website host and web server?

The names and terms associated with a website can be confusing. These are all relatively new things for most of us. We didn’t grow up, at least most didn’t grow up, with website lingo as part of our vocabulary. These simple definitions will help you better understand what is a registrar, a website host

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Update to PHP 7.4

PHP isn’t a sexy thing to talk about, but it sure is important. It keeps your website running fast and secure. Most website are built using PHP. This includes WordPress and Zen Cart. If you want your website to run flawlessly, updating to the PHP 7.4 is required. What is PHP? PHP is software

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It’s Broke? Learn The Three Steps To Get It Fixed

"It's broke". Have you ever said that to someone? Has anyone ever said it to you? It certainly conveys that something isn't working and help is needed. But it begs more questions in order for someone to fix whatever is broke. "It's broke" begs more questions in order for someone to fix whatever is broke.

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Website Design Advise – Building a Better Web Site

As a small business owner, you were a lot of hats. This requires you to be an expert in a lot of areas you're probably not an expert. The good news is you don't actually need to be an expert. You just need to know enough to have an intelligent conversation with someone who

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What Makes a Good Website Host?

Reading time: 4 minutes. Your website is your face to the world and the host you select will affect its performance. Slow, insecure and unavailable are not the words you want your prospects or customers to use in describing your website. A good website host is important. Your website has to be hosted by

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What are Website Hosting Plans?

Reading time: 3 minutes. When you have a website, the files and images that makeup your website are stored on a computer somewhere. The details and specs of that computer are your website hosting plan.  Web servers are computers designed specifically for serving up websites.  Because of this, many of the same rules that

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Why Update to PHP 7?

What is PHP? PHP is a server-side software language used in most websites, including WordPress and Zen Cart. Like all software, it is continually updated, fixed and improved. Why Should I Upgrade? Security - older versions are no longer receiving security patches. If you are not using PHP 7, your site is at risk.

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