Why Update to PHP 7?

What is PHP? PHP is a server-side software language used in most websites, including WordPress and Zen Cart. Like all software, it is continually updated, fixed and improved. Why Should I Upgrade? Security - older versions are no longer receiving security patches. If you are not using PHP 7, your site is at risk.

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Zen Cart 1.5.6 Released

Zen Cart 1.5.6 Released The Zen Cart development team has released version 1.5.6 The most notable improvements and bugfixes in v1.5.6 since v1.5.5 include: Core - Updated dozens of files for compatibility with PHP 7.2 and also 7.3 Admin - Sales-Report graphs on Admin dashboard Checkout - customer confirmation emails now include customer

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Zen Cart 1.5.5f Released

The Zen Cart development team has released version 1.5.5f Zen Cart 1.5.5f Released, what's different? - Checkout - As a help to people getting PayPal TLS notifications, the CURL Testing tool now reports compatibility with tlstest.paypal.com. - Checkout - Square Payments support is now built-in. Start taking credit card payments in just 5 minutes! See

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Zen Cart Security Sweep

Security of your Zen Cart website should not be taken lightly. There are both immediate and long term consequences to not taking the proper steps. The phrase 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' comes to mind. Zen Cart security can be easier than you think. In the short term, your site could

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Zen Cart 1.5 patches

Zen Cart 1.5 was released on the last day of 2011. Since then, there has been one patch and one minor version released.  If you are using version 1.5, here's how to check your current Zen Cart version, than these Zen Cart 1.5 patches should be in your budget and on your schedule. I've previously

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Zen Cart 1.3.9 patches

The Zen Cart 1.3.9 series was a bit of an odd ball. Not in the version itself, but in the number of minor versions released rather quickly in succession.  1.3.9a was released in May, 2010. Over the next six months, seven new versions were released ending with Zen Cart version 1.3.9h in October, 2010. This

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Time To Upgrade Zen Cart 1.3.8?

Software is never really finished. There are the obvious bug fixes and patches that come with any software but there is also the continuous improvements and additions of new features. While this is true of Zen Cart too, version 1.3.8 is the exception to the rule. Zen Cart 1.3.8 had some issues. The developers decided

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