Zen Cart 1.5.8 Released!

The Zen Cart development team has released version 1.5.8. There is a long list of bug fixes and improvements. One of the most notable is compatibility with PHP 8. For all of these reasons, we strongly recommend upgrading to 1.5.8 from all prior versions. Contact us for a quote. The most notable improvements and

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Website Maintenance: Help Reach Your Business Plan Goals

What are your top business goals? Grow revenues? Build brand recognition? Boost conversions? Reduce expenses? A well maintained website will help achieve these. Add a line item to your business plan saying, “Maintain the website on a regular basis,” to keep your business performing at its best and reach your goals. What does website

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

The Customer Acquisition Cost equation includes the cost of attracting visitors to your website. You attract customers by investing in advertising, marketing, emails, direct mails, promotions, and incentives. But attracting is only half the story. The goal is to convert a website visit into a purchase or lead, and that happens when visitors have

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Update to PHP 7.4

PHP isn’t a sexy thing to talk about, but it sure is important. It keeps your website running fast and secure. Most website are built using PHP. This includes WordPress and Zen Cart. If you want your website to run flawlessly, updating to the PHP 7.4 is required. What is PHP? PHP is software

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USPS Shipping Module for Zen Cart Updated

The USPS Shipping Module for Zen Cart has been updated. The current version is 2020-09-24 K11. If you are using the USPS Shipping Module with your Zen Cart, it's time to do the upgrade. This new version has a significant number of updates. The new version: Uses secure API endpoints. Corrects missing constant warning.

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Why Update to PHP 7?

What is PHP? PHP is a server-side software language used in most websites, including WordPress and Zen Cart. Like all software, it is continually updated, fixed and improved. Why Should I Upgrade? Security - older versions are no longer receiving security patches. If you are not using PHP 7, your site is at risk.

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Zen Cart 1.5.6 Released

Zen Cart 1.5.6 Released The Zen Cart development team has released version 1.5.6 The most notable improvements and bugfixes in v1.5.6 since v1.5.5 include: Core - Updated dozens of files for compatibility with PHP 7.2 and also 7.3 Admin - Sales-Report graphs on Admin dashboard Checkout - customer confirmation emails now include customer

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Zen Cart 1.5.5f Released

The Zen Cart development team has released version 1.5.5f Zen Cart 1.5.5f Released, what's different? - Checkout - As a help to people getting PayPal TLS notifications, the CURL Testing tool now reports compatibility with tlstest.paypal.com. - Checkout - Square Payments support is now built-in. Start taking credit card payments in just 5 minutes! See

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