Make Your Website Videos Count

An inviting website will build interest in your business and increase conversions. Adding videos to your website is a proven way to make it more attractive. Well placed, interesting videos engage visitors and spark interest where regular written text cannot. A recent Forbes Advisor article quoted, “Including videos on a website can increase time

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Reasons to Rebrand Your Website

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay Like many small business owners, you pivoted to stay competitive during the last few years. Changing market conditions and buying habits meant adding ecommerce applications, new products and new customers. In effect, you rebranded your business. You revised your operations to reshape or restart your brand.

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You Deserve a Better Business Website

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash Small business owners often choose basic website builder software for their first website. It’s quick and easy to create a site and establish a brand. Once your basic website is up and running, however, you’ll notice its inadequacies and wonder about upgrading. Upgrading from a basic

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How to Boost Your Brand by Meeting Shipping and Delivery Expectations

Every step of the purchasing process is an opportunity to build your brand. In fact, what happens after customers press the "order it" button can make or break their experience. Packaging and delivery intervals affect your brand reputation. Customers view quick delivery and sustainable packaging as important parts of the purchase experience. Don’t view

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Are Customer Loyalty Programs Worth the Investment?

Loyalty programs are growing in popularity with ecommerce businesses. They help small businesses compete in the increasingly competitive ecommerce space, and can highlight their value over very large ecommerce sites. Business owners know that keeping existing customers is less expensive than attracting new ones. Customer loyalty programs can boost customer retention and sales. Data

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Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

The Customer Acquisition Cost equation includes the cost of attracting visitors to your website. You attract customers by investing in advertising, marketing, emails, direct mails, promotions, and incentives. But attracting is only half the story. The goal is to convert a website visit into a purchase or lead, and that happens when visitors have

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Do I Need a Website if I Have a Facebook Page?

Do you really need a website to grow your business, or is a Facebook business page enough? After all, a Facebook page is free to set up, with the promise of reaching a large audience. Sounds good, right? But that’s a shortsighted approach to your online presence. Skipping a website will prevent you from

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3 Things You’ll Need for Your First Website Design Meeting

Your business deserves a great website that expresses your brand, attracts your target audience and helps you reach your goals. You’ll need a knowledgeable website designer who will turn your needs with the right design. Once you find the right designer, you’ll want to prepare for your first meeting so you can communicate your

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How to Start the Website Creation Process – With Website Content or Website Design?

You’re ready to invest in your website for your business and you’re eager to see results. You want increased traffic to the site, increased engagement by viewers, and increased sales. Many business owners are so eager to get a new site launched that when they meet with their web designer they immediately want to

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Learn Three Ways to Focus on Your Customer

As a small business owner, a lot of your success can be attributed to your determination and gut decisions about what is best. The fact that you have created a business generating revenue is evidence of this. But you must be careful not to take this too far. You must always focus on your

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