Conversion Rate Optimization with Google Analytics

One of the great things about having a website is to be able to track what visitors are doing. This data gives you accurate information you can use to make educated, informed decisions about changes to your site. Conversion rate optimization is the most obvious goal for your website.  If you need a refresher on

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What are Google Analytics Funnels?

Google Analytics provides lots of information.  The key is to find the useful and actionable information.  It's all too easy to get sucked into looking at interesting information that you can't do anything about. That's just a waste of time. A Google Analytics funnels are useful and actionable They are useful because it tells you how visitors are interacting

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Google Analytics Dashboard

Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking your website data.  The key is find, measure and monitor the right data for your business.  You can spend hours poking around in Google Analytics and end up with nothing actionable. Google Analytics Dashboards will help You've got to focus on the metrics that are both actionable

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Google Analytics Conversion Sources

Google Analytics is a highly recommended analytics package. It's free but also very powerful. There is much useful data to be gathered and analyzed but arguably the most useful, since we are talking about eCommerce Zen Carts here, is conversion data.  Conversions are defined as completed orders. We all engage in various forms of marketing

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