Installing Google Analytics for Zen Cart is one of the easier plugins (there are currently two to choose from) to install and arguably one of the most important.  The data available via Google Analytics will be invaluable in making educated and informed decisions about your site.

Using one of the two plugins (Simple Google Analytics or Easy Google Analytics) is a big improvement over just pasting the code in the footer.  If you were running a static HTML site, just pasting the code in the footer would be fine.  With Zen Cart, you want to track more data, specifically conversion data.  Both of these plugins allow for that, plus more.  Following the instructions and having your Google Analytics ID is all you need to get started.  After installation, you can confirm it’s correctly installed by viewing the source code from any page on your site and looking for the analytics code.  You can also confirm from your Google Anaytics account.  They will tell you if data is being collected or not.  This second method may take several hours after installation while viewing the source code gives you an immediate answer.

Once you’ve got Google Analytics installed on your Zen Cart, be sure you have your Google Analytics settings for Zen Cart set correctly and completely.

For questions or help installing Google Analytics for Zen Cart, please Contact Us!