You Deserve a Better Business Website

Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash Small business owners often choose basic website builder software for their first website. It’s quick and easy to create a site and establish a brand. Once your basic website is up and running, however, you’ll notice its inadequacies and wonder about upgrading. Upgrading from a basic

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Website Maintenance: Help Reach Your Business Plan Goals

What are your top business goals? Grow revenues? Build brand recognition? Boost conversions? Reduce expenses? A well maintained website will help achieve these. Add a line item to your business plan saying, “Maintain the website on a regular basis,” to keep your business performing at its best and reach your goals. What does website

It’s Broke? Learn The Three Steps To Get It Fixed

"It's broke". Have you ever said that to someone? Has anyone ever said it to you? It certainly conveys that something isn't working and help is needed. But it begs more questions in order for someone to fix whatever is broke. "It's broke" begs more questions in order for someone to fix whatever is broke.

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8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Reduce Your Potential to Attract New Customers

Reading time: 2 minutes. Business blogging can attract visitors to your site in an educative way to motivate followers to seek out your abilities. However, companies that do not know how to blog can turn off potential customers. Listed below are eight common blogging mistakes that newbies make that can reduce their ability to

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Caching Plugin for WordPress

There are MANY factors that affect the way your website pages rank.  Many of those are outside of your direct control. For this reason, it's so important to take full advantage of the factors you can control. One of the ranking factors is page speed.  How quickly does you website load for a visitor? Visitors

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WordPress Security – Are you an easy target?

WordPress is a wonderful platform not just for blogging but also for most any content website. With content being king, this means WordPress is a very popular platform. Some estimates put it at 19% of all websites, meaning about 74 million WordPress sites out there. This makes it a very popular target for hackers. WordPress security

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