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Business blogging can attract visitors to your site in an educative way to motivate followers to seek out your abilities. However, companies that do not know how to blog can turn off potential customers.

Listed below are eight common blogging mistakes that newbies make that can reduce their ability to attract new customers.

  1. You Don’t Have Specific Goals
  • A blog’s purpose is to motivate your visitors to become followers, then become customers.
  • Each blog needs a purpose designed for your target market.
  1. You Truly Do Not Understand Your Audience(s)
  • To attract, be relevant, and gain followers (that lead to becoming clients), you need to know what their pain points are (their specific problems to solve), or their interests (that make them happy, and want to follow you).
  • Each Tribe has their own needs, and a member from audience A (i.e.; one who wants a new room addition), does not have the same needs or interests as a member from audience B (i.e.; one who wants to redecorate their current kitchen).  You need to be relevant with both, so therefore, each needs their own blog post.
  1. You May Have Industry Skills but Cannot Translate That To Your Followers
  • Industry Speak and jargon does not resonate with most people.  Your audiences will say, “they don’t know me, and they cannot communicate with me.” This may not be true, but it is their opinion, which makes it true for them.
  • Your blog needs to be directed to their need and in their language, not about your skills in your jargon.
  1. Your Content is Average
  • The reason they will follow you is because you either entertain them or educate them.  If you blog does neither, it’s a waste of their time, and they will not follow you.
  • Your blog shouldn’t discuss what other architects write about.  To offer a differentiated value, you need to be different and relevant.
  1. Your Blog Does Not Support Your Marketing Plan
  • A great blog that doesn’t direct them to your website, or other social media platforms is not productive, and isn’t achieving Problem #1 listed above (You don’t have specific goals).
  • Blogging is one element of a complete marketing plan that drives traffic, and customers to you.
  1. Your Headlines Don’t Attract Enough Attention
  • Make the value clear: (6 ways to choose an architect that achieves your dream)
  • Make the value relevant: (8 must-haves to include in your new room addition that increases your home resale value).
  1. You Are Not Consistently Engaging Your Tribes
  • A blog every eight weeks vs. every week.  Which do you think causes them to consistently look for, and follow you?
  • And if they follow you each week, who will they call when they need an architect?
  1. You Are Not Productively Measuring Your Performance
  • You must analyze the how-often, which-is-read-most, and other KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to understand your traffic.  Architect Marketing Solutions can work with you to create meaningful KPIs.
  • These analytic data points help you to identify your Tribes and their interests for future blog topics. They tell you how people found your blogs, average time spent reading them and other key data points that will help you to be more successful.


Writing a productive blog that leads to customers from each Tribe takes time, skill and focus.  You can be very good at what you do, but if potential customers need you, but do not know about you, then you will miss out on their project revenue.

Contact us to learn how we can help you to be more successful.

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