Website Design Advise – Building a Better Web Site

As a small business owner, you were a lot of hats. This requires you to be an expert in a lot of areas you're probably not an expert. The good news is you don't actually need to be an expert. You just need to know enough to have an intelligent conversation with someone who

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18 Ways To Differentiate Yourself To Be More Successful

Reading time: 8 minutes. In a crowded industry it has been proven that when you differentiate yourself with identifiable value, you will be chosen over a competitor. To do that, you need to create a differentiator which must meet three important criteria: It must be true. You can’t simply make it up. It must

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Advertising on Social Media

When social media began, it was known for the connection it brought to people. You no longer had to pick up your phone and call someone to wish them a happy birthday; you could simply post on their wall with your best wishes. Social media platforms made it easy to keep up with the

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Every Effective Welcome Email Needs These 10 Things

Reading time: 3 minutes. Email marketing ROI is higher than any other channel or messaging format. An effective welcome email will lead to long-term relationships better than any communication format.  Send immediately: send your Welcome Email immediately after someone signs up to a membership, subscription or call-to-action. It not only shows appreciation, it's an

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How to Identify and Optimize Web Pages

Reading time: 5 minutes. The most logical way to optimize web pages is to pick a page with the MOST opportunity. You might think it is your homepage, but it may not be. You want to find a page that will have the biggest impact for your particular goal. The page will have a

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20 Business Reasons Why a Blogging Strategy Will Increase Your Success

Reading time: 4 minutes. Blogging is a term that many have heard of and perhaps you even blog for personal reasons.  However, a blogging strategy can be a significant reason why your company is more successful than those that do not blog. The following is a brief outline with one purpose: to help you

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12 Easy To Understand Points That Will Help You Understand SEO

Reading time: 5 minutes. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an acronym that many have heard, few know what the letters mean, fewer know what SEO is, how it helps them, and even fewer know how to execute it. The following is a brief outline with one purpose: to help you understand SEO enough of

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5 Keys to Better Website Functionality

Reading time: 2 minutes. When designing or relaunching your company website, you’ve got a lot of options to consider to achieve better website functionality. Should you use video, sliders, hero images, animated navigation, etc. When defining your brand and brand message, you will clarify who your target market is so you’ll know who you

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8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes That Reduce Your Potential to Attract New Customers

Reading time: 2 minutes. Business blogging can attract visitors to your site in an educative way to motivate followers to seek out your abilities. However, companies that do not know how to blog can turn off potential customers. Listed below are eight common blogging mistakes that newbies make that can reduce their ability to

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7 Actions That Make A Successful Website

Improve Your User’s Experience:  Give Them A Reason to Stay Don’t make them think to find about ‘why am I visiting you?’ Optimize your site speed (‘too long to load’ is #1 reason to leave a site). Pop-up bots are accepted when they provide help; hated when all it does is try to sell.

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