Successful websiteImprove Your User’s Experience:  Give Them A Reason to Stay

  • Don’t make them think to find about ‘why am I visiting you?’
  • Optimize your site speed (‘too long to load’ is #1 reason to leave a site).
  • Pop-up bots are accepted when they provide help; hated when all it does is try to sell.
  • Mobile-first: make sure your graphics and text stack well for mobile.
  • Be graphic and video oriented, not text oriented.

Customer Click-Through-Action (CTA) Process:  Make It Easy to Click And Find What They Want

  • Help users be in control: make your site navigation easy to move from Home Page to your Landing Pages (menu drop downs, interactive pictures).
  • Make all registrations, or membership forms easy to complete.
  • Make all ‘action icons’ memorable (do not use click here’) make anchor text’ like ‘download here ‘easy to see, and that the links work.
  • Make it easy to contact you: email, phone, address.
  • Make sure your site achieves your objective: obtain their email address, phone call us, download a PDF, whatever it is.

Don’t Be Stagnant:  Don’t Just Build Your Site, Expand It

  • Continually update your abilities: awards, new skill sets, expansions, as the ‘new’ might be the reason they contact you.
  • Create a ‘Content Calendar’ of updates and stick to it.
  • Create an effective cadence of posts and updates: make your visitors return often to see your updates.
  • Delete ‘old’ information and links to confirm you are always up-to-date.

Communication:  Everything You Do and Say Leads to Your Website

  • All social media platform icons must circle: navigate to the social platform, and back to the website.
  • Offline (magazines, newspaper, radio, press releases, etc.) must have your website URL.
  • Internet communication: include a graphic in your meta data description as your skill set is graphic and not text.
  • Industry back links: provide quality reputation to your site.

Communication:  Effective Content Makes Them Want to Choose You

  • Prove your skill: show ‘before‘ and ’after‘ on photos or video, and bullet point list what you did you make it look so good.
  • Education: provide blogs, industry updates, pdf write-ups that illustrate you ‘know your stuff.’

Communication:  Respond to Your Traffic

  • Know who your Tribe (key customer audience) is and design your home page and landing pages to talk to them.
  • Treat Google Analytics as a friend and know who is visiting you, how long, what they are looking at, are they ‘unique visitors’ and what are they searching for from you.
  • Add effective plug-ins for your content management system.
  • Keep ‘Reputation Management’ a continual review; respond quickly to both positive and negative comments.

Security:  Manage Your Visitors and Protect Yourself

  • CAPTCHA: eliminate ‘bot actions’ with a simple security form.
  • Administration rights: if you provide ‘access’ to someone, make sure you monitor their content to what you allow.
  • If you allow visitor comments, make sure you have a secured password to those chosen (members, subscribers, etc).


Your website must act as your employee of the month, 24/7.  A successful website will lead your visitors to your ‘contact me’ page.  Your website is your Brand as it confirms or creates your reputation, so you need to treat it as your most important asset.

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