Zen Cart 1.3.9 patches

The Zen Cart 1.3.9 series was a bit of an odd ball. Not in the version itself, but in the number of minor versions released rather quickly in succession.  1.3.9a was released in May, 2010. Over the next six months, seven new versions were released ending with Zen Cart version 1.3.9h in October, 2010. This

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Recover Cart Sales Plugin

Abandoned shopping carts are a hot topic among online marketers and for good reason. These shoppers found your store, found something they wanted to buy, added it to their cart...but didn't complete their order. The Recover Cart Sales plugin for Zen Cart allows you the opportunity to contact these valuable shoppers and try one

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Time To Upgrade Zen Cart 1.3.8?

Software is never really finished. There are the obvious bug fixes and patches that come with any software but there is also the continuous improvements and additions of new features. While this is true of Zen Cart too, version 1.3.8 is the exception to the rule. Zen Cart 1.3.8 had some issues. The developers decided

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