Abandoned shopping carts are a hot topic among online marketers and for good reason. These shoppers found your store, found something they wanted to buy, added it to their cart…but didn’t complete their order. The Recover Cart Sales plugin for Zen Cart allows you the opportunity to contact these valuable shoppers and try one more time to convert them into customers.

The plugin allows you to configure:

  • the subject of the email.
  • the text in the body of the email.
  • add a link back to their cart.
  • include the items that were in their cart.

Accessed through the Zen admin, in two clicks you can send the email to any visitor with an abandoned shopping cart.

Included with the plugin is a report to show the percentage of those customers that were sent the email and then returned to complete their order along with the dollar total for those orders. A great way to measure the success of the emails and allow for comparison of various versions over time.  Always be testing!

It’s tempting to offer a discount or reward in the email to entice shoppers to complete their orders. But it is not recommended. Why? You will teach your customer to *not* complete their order and wait for an email from you with a discount.  The result will be lower margins on those that do complete their order and lost sales for those that lose interest between the time they were shopping and the time of your email.

The better approach is one of customer service.  Ask why they did not complete their order.  Was there something you could do to improve the process? Was it shipping costs? Too long for delivery? Product questions they could not find answers too?

One of the hidden benefits of this plugin, beyond converting some abandoned carts into orders, is the feedback you get will help you improve your website. You’ll help other shoppers complete their orders the first time and avoid future abandoned carts and lost orders in the first place.

This plugin is available for Zen Cart 1.3.9 and 1.5 series. For more information or to order, please see our Recover Cart Sales installation service.