The Zen Cart 1.3.9 series was a bit of an odd ball. Not in the version itself, but in the number of minor versions released rather quickly in succession.  1.3.9a was released in May, 2010. Over the next six months, seven new versions were released ending with Zen Cart version 1.3.9h in October, 2010.

This created a situation where new carts installed, or upgrades performed, during this time resulted in one of these now incremental versions being installed. A reasonable approach at the time was to wait for the Zen developers to fix all the issues and do one upgrade at the end instead of applying patches month after month. Some cart owners (maybe you?) simply forgot to keep an eye on the progress and never did get the final version in the series, the 1.3.9h version installed. Or maybe your cart was installed by someone else and you have no idea what version you are using.  It’s easy to find out what version you have, simply follow these instructions to determine your installed Zen Cart version.

If you see Zen Cart 1.3.9a, Zen Cart 1.3.9b, Zen Cart 1.3.9c, Zen Cart 1.3.9d, Zen Cart 1.3.9e, Zen Cart 1.3.9f or Zen Cart 1.3.9g, an upgrade is in your future.  There are a number of minor, and some not so minor, changes with each version.

The important part of all of these to remember is this, as I mentioned in a previous post, it is important to be on a currently supported version of Zen Cart. Ideally, this also means the current version as well but there are situations where that is not a realistic option.  Staying on a supported version means the known security issues have been patched. It is very risky to run any software with know security issues, especially an online store accessible by anyone in the world.  There are bad people out there who will do you harm, if they can. They will steal your customer data, ruin your reputation and knock your store off-line until you can get it patched and working again.

If you find you are running one of these incremental versions in the 1.3.9 series, please Contact Us for upgrade options. Upgrades are so much easier when you can plan ahead and budget for them.