How to Identify and Optimize Web Pages

Reading time: 5 minutes. The most logical way to optimize web pages is to pick a page with the MOST opportunity. You might think it is your homepage, but it may not be. You want to find a page that will have the biggest impact for your particular goal. The page will have a

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20 Business Reasons Why a Blogging Strategy Will Increase Your Success

Reading time: 4 minutes. Blogging is a term that many have heard of and perhaps you even blog for personal reasons.  However, a blogging strategy can be a significant reason why your company is more successful than those that do not blog. The following is a brief outline with one purpose: to help you

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5 Keys to Better Website Functionality

Reading time: 2 minutes. When designing or relaunching your company website, you’ve got a lot of options to consider to achieve better website functionality. Should you use video, sliders, hero images, animated navigation, etc. When defining your brand and brand message, you will clarify who your target market is so you’ll know who you

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