Part of a good business plan is a backup plan. When you run a website as part of your business, you better have a backup plan for your website. WordPress backup is easier than many other platforms due to the ease and number of plugins available.  We’ve used and recommend BackWPUp for WordPress backup.

BackWPUp is free, can be automated and backups can be stored in the cloud.

As of this writing, it’s been installed over 400,000 times and has a four star rating. But it’s not just a bare bones plugin. It is feature rich with…Backup Computer Key

  • eight backup location option
  • email notification
  • backup logs
  • error logs
  • and, yes, more

The basic function is setting up ‘jobs’ which determine when and where backups occur. You can have as many different jobs as you like meaning one could backup to your server and one to a cloud service like DropBox. As with any good WordPress backup, the full backup of the files, folders and database is all that’s needed for a full restore. This could be for a server move or a restore if your site becomes corrupt or gets breached. A full restore will return your site to the way it was before. You will be very glad you have a backup should this ever happen to you. Just ask someone who did not have a backup how they felt.

Any decent web host will provide backup and restore options. These will generally cover your entire hosted account, which is important. Using a plugin to backup your WordPress

  • gives you another layer of protection
  • allows you to restore just your WordPress to any hosting account
  • you can restore on your schedule

BackWPUp for WordPress is installed like any other plugin. From the left navigation, select Plugins>Add New. In the Search Plugins box, enter BackWPUp. It should be the first result.  Click on Install Now.  Once installed, you’ll need to activate it and then create your first job.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact us.