Have you ever wanted to give some customers special pricing?

It sounds simple enough but can be difficult to implement in the way you want. You could use a coupon to give 10% off all products. But if you’d like to discount some products more than others, a coupon won’t work. You could build a separate store for these special clients, but that’s a lot of work to build and maintain.

The Dual Pricing Plugin for Zen Cart allows you to offer discounted product pricing only to approved clients.

Dual Pricing Plugin for Zen CartThis allows you to create separate pricing for specific customers. This pricing is not a percentage off or a dollar amount off, but you enter the price they’d pay.  You can create up to four different levels.  Think of them as groups of customers. Each group gets it’s own price.

On the store front, regular customers will see no evidence of special pricing.  The pages will all look the same. For your special customer groups, once they log into their accounts they will see the regular price AND their special price.  They will see the discount you’ve given them and know they are getting a great deal. These groups will not know there are other groups. There’s no indication that they are getting a better or worse deal compared to anyone else.  All they see is the regular price and their special price.

The Dual Pricing Plugin is great for:

  • Wholesale customers  – extend wholesale pricing only to your wholesale customers.
  • Brand ambassadors – sell your products at special ‘thank you’ prices.
  • High volume customers – extend volume discount pricing only to approved clients.

The configuration allows you the ability to:

  • Set the discounted price for each item individually – control your gross profit on a ‘per item’ basis.
  • Run all sales through one online channel.
  • Manually approve what pricing level customers will see.

The downside to using the Dual Pricing Plugin is everything else about your store stays combined for all customers. Shipping and billing options are the same for these customers as they are for everyone else. Product descriptions are the same for everyone. In some cases, you might need more separation between customer groups and a separate Zen Cart installation only accessible by approved clients is needed.

For those without such strict requirements, the Dual Pricing Plugin for Zen Cart is a super way to expand on your marketing. To build a tighter relationship with key customers.

For more detailed information or installation, please contact us!