Small business owners wear a lot of hats. Some we like, some we don’t. Some we’re good at and others not so much. If the task is not generating revenue, it should be delegated or minimized.

Shipping automation is one such opportunityShipping Automation

Think about the time you spend each day printing packing slips, printing shipping labels, updating order status’s and sending customers their tracking numbers. Now add it up for a week and for a month. Could that time be better spent finding new customers?

Companies like Ship Station and Ship Works offer solutions to make your life easier. They offer a plugin for many website platforms, like Zen Cart and WordPress, that will:

Import orders from most any marketplace, cart or sales channel

If you run a Zen Cart, an Ebay store and an Etsy store, these tools will import all of those orders into one interface so you can process them all at once. A consolidated interface from all platforms saves time and reduces mistakes.

Print discounted shipping labels for any carrier

They generally offer discounted shipping rates for USPS, UPS and FedEx. This savings will go right to your bottom line, in addition to the time savings. Your shipping label and packing slip can be customized. Consider including phone or email for customer service or a coupon good for their next order.

Send detailed tracking info to your stores and customers

Once labels are printed, you can automatically update each store by marking the order as ‘shipped’ and email your customer to let them know their order is on the way. This is a great place to include a thank you message, invitation to provide any feedback or concerns and further market your business while your business is already top of mind.

The obvious benefit to these shipping automation tools is the time savings.  The hidden benefit is the additional marketing and improved customer service that can integrated into these solutions. You’re improving your business two steps at once allowing more time for revenue generating tasks.

We’ve also talked about order process automation and data import / export. Have questions? Contact us!