Good business advice is hard to come by. You have to ask yourself:SCORE Business Mentor

  • Can I trust them?
  • Do they know what they’re talking about?
  • Will they steal my ideas?
  • Can they really help me?

SCORE provides free, expert business mentors through local chapters

See their website for full details. SCORE is:

  • Confidential
  • Unbiased
  • Free

I’ve used them myself for over 12 years.  I regularly refer my clients to them for help with business plans and marketing plans. Why? Many decisions about operating a website tie back to the website goals which tie back to the business goals.  Without these, you’re direction and decisions will flap in the wind.  Goals give you direction. Website goals make the decision about what to do with your website much simpler. If a new function or promotion gets you closer to your goals, do it!  If not, don’t.  Doesn’t get much simpler.

That’s the easy part.  The hard part is developing the plan and setting the goals. But if it was easy, everyone would do it.

Case study: A client recently asked us to build a custom page on their site with an admin interface for adding products to feature along with text and images to go with the promos. We certainly can, but then she asked if it was a good idea, if it would it be worth it? Truth is, I don’t know. That question goes back to the marketing plan for the website and would it further those goals. We had a short conversation about her website goals. From that, I referred her to SCORE.  Should found a business mentor who spent a few hours discussing her business, her goals and her resources and they came up with a plan. Her mentor also got her in touch with a local expert to help execute her plan.

That plan is to start actively marketing via email. She had a newsletter all along, but was not focusing on it. On the website, they now prominently feature a short, simple, newsletter sign-up form. They are building out automated emails in addition to regular emails campaigns. The promo page did not fit the plan they developed so the answer easily became, ‘No’, it was not a good idea.

The decision about what to do on their website became crystal clear once they had a goal

Your plan may or may not be email marketing. It could be a promo page like this client initially thought. The point is your plan will be unique to you because your business is unique. As the business owner, you know your business best but you don’t know everything. You can’t be an expert in all aspects of your business.

A SCORE business mentor will give you a unique perspective on your business.  They will ask you the questions to which you are best qualified to answer, even if you don’t know the answer right away. Get in touch with a SCORE mentor today and see where you can take your business.  You’ll never achieve a goal you do not set.