Authorize.Net announced an upcoming change to their network. You can read the announcement here. The obvious questions are does this affect me and do I need to do anything. If you do not use Authorize.Net than you do not need to do anything. Stop reading and go about your day.  If you do use Authorize.Net, keep reading.

What is the change?

Authorize.Net is implementing a new way to connect to their payment gateway.


In their own words, “It will also help safeguard against interruptions caused by issues beyond Authorize.Net’s direct control, such as Internet congestion, fiber cable cuts and other similar issues. Additionally, come October, merchants connected to Akamai should no longer be affected by planned downtimes.”

Do I have to do anything?

You do not have to anything. Do nothing and your Authorize.Net payment gateway will work like is always has.  However, it is recommended to make a slight so you can benefit from the improvements this offers. Fewer interruptions in connecting to your payment gateway is a really good thing!

To implement this change, please contact us. A small edit to the payment module needs to be done. Those of you on a Support Package will have this completed as part of your support.