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Turn “One-Timers” into Loyal, Repeat Customers

The time and effort you devote to marketing is well worth it to attract new customers. Once they find you, the next hurdle is keeping their interest after their initial purchase. You want to be their go-to solution the next time they need products or services you offer. Too often, customers purchase from a business once but never return. Why? It may be they forget about you or don’t feel connected to your business, because they never hear from you after a purchase.

65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. It takes less energy to keep a customer than to win them in the first place. Here are some proven ways that turn one-timers into loyal customers.

On your website:

  • Ask for contact information; text or email, so you can stay in touch. Offer discounts or special offers in exchange.
  • Set up a loyalty program. Loyalty programs work! These 2023 statistics tell the story.

Sophisticated software loyalty programs help large businesses set up and track results, but small businesses can create their own cost-effective programs. They can be as simple as offering future coupons for customers at checkout. Some businesses offer subscription programs with discounts for regular customers. Some set up loyalty programs where members receive exclusive discounts or information about new products or services. When you learn what a particular customer wants, you can target offers to them.

  • Keep your website design updated and appealing. Revise the homepage often to show what’s new or announce special offers. For repeat customers, use pop-up windows with product information appealing to them. Website design trends change each year. Keep up with current trends but make changes only if applicable to your customers.

On Social Media:

Point website visitors to your social media channels for updates. Post often and include topics such as new product demonstration videos, customer testimonials or information about upcoming events. But don’t use social media only for sales pitches! Include topics your target customers are interested in. Ask questions and provide answers quickly. Introduce your staff and share common interests.

Take advantage of data collection insights on platforms such as Instagram. You’ll learn which posts are most popular and get demographic information about who is viewing.

Always link back to your website so visitors can view products quickly and make purchase decisions easily.

Email marketing:

In the age of social media, is email marketing still worthwhile? For most businesses, the answer is a resounding yes! Email usage continues to grow worldwide, and over half of marketers use it.

Regular emails keep customers informed about products and services, new customer service programs, seasonal offerings, and more. Some businesses use emails to explain their value proposition, make exclusive offers or introduce new employees.

Personalized emails improve open rates. According to SaleCycle, a personalized email marketing campaign can increase open rate by 82% and click through rate by 75%. To stay relevant, time emails on a regular schedule and to keep them short enough to engage the reader. You may want to limit a campaign to established customers only or create a version for loyal customers and another for visitors.

  • Include a clear call to action and offer a way to respond to it. Answer questions quickly. Always link to your website for more information. But don’t be a pest! Daily emails can be so annoying they’ll be deleted without reading.

Direct mail marketing:

Does direct mail marketing work in the age of social media? It is a method where small local businesses have a leg up over the big guys.  Direct mail establishes familiarity in the community they serve. They reach new customers and offer specials to existing ones.

Some tips to consider when planning a direct mail campaign are:

  • Ask your post office about rates, delivery times and delivery areas so you can keep costs down and reach the audience you want.
  • Use your list of established customers to offer incentives for repeat business.
  • Buy lists based on demographics for your target customers if necessary.
  • Make your logo stand out on the mail piece to build credibility. Highlight your web address and include a scannable QR code to make it easy for visitors to visit your website.
  • Make your message clear, concise and valuable. Show the benefits of your business.

Community Involvement:

Building a trustworthy reputation is challenging for small businesses. Here’s another marketing method where small businesses have a competitive edge. Community presence increases awareness and builds your brand. Your business should appeal to the people who live in your community. It’s up to you to tell them how your business meets their needs and improves their lives. Demonstrating your commitment to your community helps build credibility and business. Some ideas include:

  • Partner with other local businesses to cross market products or services.
  • Offer discounts to local charities, sports teams or schools.
  • Offer free classes when applicable to your target customers.
  • Join local business organizations and speak at events.
  • Offer volunteer opportunities to your employees.

As you build awareness and foster goodwill, you’ll understand your target customer better. Your employees will feel engaged and valued, and potential customers will look for your business when they need your products and services.

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