Great customer service takes work and planning. The rewards for great customer service are immeasurable. Happy customers will:

  • Return and re-order.
  • Tell their friends.
  • Share their experience on Facebook.
  • Post links to your site on social media.
  • Post images of your products on social media.

Great customer service results in your customers doing marketing for you!

One of the best ways to offer great customer service is to follow-up with them after the sale is complete and your product has been delivered. Too many companies think the sale is the end of the job. This is where you can differentiate yourself.

Send an email or call:

  • Ask if everything arrived safely.
  • Ask if their purchase meet their needs.
  • Ask if they have any suggestions or feedback.
  • Ask them to write a review.
  • Ask them to share your site and their experience on Facebook.

Doing so tells your customer you care about them and are working to be successful business. They will appreciate that and show it by honoring one or more of your requests.

Zen Cart Autoresponder makes follow-up easy

The Autoresponder plugin for Zen Cart makes this super simple. The Autoresponder allows you to send up to 3 preset emails to your customers after their order has finished. You choose how many days after, the email subject and the email message. It is then set to run automatically once each day. It doesn’t get much simpler.

Several clients use the Autoresponder to send an email a few days after an item ships to ask for a product review. Reviews are a huge factor in visitors deciding to buy from you or not buy from you. They are an unbiased opinion about you and your product from someone just like them. But you’ve got to get reviews in order to use them to influence current shoppers. This will help you achieve that goal.

The settings are accessible from an admin page so you can easily change the text or subject of the email being sent.

Autoresponder admin settings

You can use this to offer a coupon for use on their next purchase. This encourages them to return to your site and get in the habit of visiting your site.

The Autoresponder plugin is flexible enough to fit many business styles. You can address customers by first name or full name. You can limit it to certain products or locations allowing you to customize your follow-up even further. It is not a one size fits all so can be tailed to your business goals.

Interested in seeing how this can improve your business? Contact us for installation and configuration.