Google is a lot of things, some good and some bad. But few can argue they are not good at generating revenue and profits. One of the keys to this is user experience.  They are constantly testing, just like Amazon.  You’re testing, right?

They need the user experience to be good so you keep coming back and searching and clicking on their ads. That’s how the generate those profits. To accomplish this, they want to rank ‘good’ websites higher than poor ones. They never tell us their ranking rules but they do give us clues.  Recently, we’ve been give two very big clues.

Mobile Friendly

People are searching from mobile devices more than ever.  They are not buying on mobile as often as desktop, but they are searching.  And before they buy, they search! Google is labeling sites that are mobile friendly in their search results.

Mobile Friendly Label

Not only will this increase your click-through rates, but those that are not mobile-friendly will not rank as high to begin with.  To promote and encourage this, Google is sending out email notifications through Google Webmaster Tools like the one below.


If you have not received one, you can test your site here

Slow Sites

Nobody likes a slow site. It’s not a good user experience. Somethings are outside your control which means it’s even more important to control this things you can.  While still in testing, this is what a slow site looks like to Google and to searchers.  A ‘slow’ tag will decrease your click-through rates.  Searchers will go someplace else.


Is your site slow?  Find out at

Compare yourself to your competitors.  Are they mobile friendly? Are their website faster than you?

We can help you become mobile friendly.  We can make your site faster.

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