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I am the founder and president of Wheaton Website Services. Founded in 2008, Wheaton Website Services is a website design, development and hosting company. My first company was an online invitation and photo gift company started in 1997. That was my start with website design and development and where I learned to build websites that run flawlessly.

Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

The Customer Acquisition Cost equation includes the cost of attracting visitors to your website. You attract customers by investing in advertising, marketing, emails, direct mails, promotions, and incentives. But attracting is only half the story. The goal is to convert a website visit into a purchase or lead, and that happens when visitors have

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Business email: Make it Professional and Avoid Spam Filters

Are your emails reaching your customer’s inbox? Sending business email is an important part of your marketing strategy, so you want to make sure your emails go into your customer’s inbox and not to a spam folder. Two keys to successful emailing are knowing about spam filters and using a professional, business email address.

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Do I Need a Website if I Have a Facebook Page?

Do you really need a website to grow your business, or is a Facebook business page enough? After all, a Facebook page is free to set up, with the promise of reaching a large audience. Sounds good, right? But that’s a shortsighted approach to your online presence. Skipping a website will prevent you from

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3 Things You’ll Need for Your First Website Design Meeting

Your business deserves a great website that expresses your brand, attracts your target audience and helps you reach your goals. You’ll need a knowledgeable website designer who will turn your needs with the right design. Once you find the right designer, you’ll want to prepare for your first meeting so you can communicate your

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Google’s Core Web Vitals Update – Will It Affect Your Website Ranking?

In May 2021, Google will update their core web vitals metrics, which measure website performance from a user point of view. Specifically, the three core web vitals will measure how fast a page’s largest image or text block loads (Largest Contentful Paint), how fast a page becomes visible to the user (First Input Delay),

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How to Start the Website Creation Process – With Website Content or Website Design?

You’re ready to invest in your website for your business and you’re eager to see results. You want increased traffic to the site, increased engagement by viewers, and increased sales. Many business owners are so eager to get a new site launched that when they meet with their web designer they immediately want to

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What is a registrar, website host and web server?

The names and terms associated with a website can be confusing. These are all relatively new things for most of us. We didn’t grow up, at least most didn’t grow up, with website lingo as part of our vocabulary. These simple definitions will help you better understand what is a registrar, a website host

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Update to PHP 7.4

PHP isn’t a sexy thing to talk about, but it sure is important. It keeps your website running fast and secure. Most website are built using PHP. This includes WordPress and Zen Cart. If you want your website to run flawlessly, updating to the PHP 7.4 is required. What is PHP? PHP is software

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It’s Broke? Learn The Three Steps To Get It Fixed

"It's broke". Have you ever said that to someone? Has anyone ever said it to you? It certainly conveys that something isn't working and help is needed. But it begs more questions in order for someone to fix whatever is broke. "It's broke" begs more questions in order for someone to fix whatever is broke.

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