Customer service *begins* when your customer places an order. A receipt with helpful and appropriate information is usually next…but don’t stop there. If you continue to provide helpful and appropriate order information, your customer will be more likely to re-order from you and to tell their friends about the great experience they had buying from you.

When their order ships, it is easy to email your customer telling them their order is on it’s way and give them the appropriate tracking number.  Including the tracking number is a little detail with a big impact. The tracking number:

  • Adds credibility (better than just saying it shipped, it’s third party proof)
  • Reduces customer service questions (they can track shipment progress anytime, anywhere on their own)
  • Proves you are a company that cares even after the sale is made.
  • One more way to get your name in front of your customer.

The Ty Package Tracker plugin for Zen Cart makes it easy.  It offers the ability to use up to five carriers including UPS, FedEx and USPS.  When it comes time to ship and update an order, Ty Package Tracker is displayed on the order details page in the admin, see image below:

Ty Package Tracker

In this example, three carriers have been configured.  Entering the shipment number in the appropriate Tracking ID field and changing the order status to ‘Shipped’ is all it takes.

  • Zen Cart will email the customer the new order status and the tracking number.
  • The tacking number is a clickable link taking your customer to the tracking status.
  • The order history is updated so you will have a record as well.

Ty Package Tracker is compatible with Super Orders and Edit Orders, for those with either or both installed.

If you are shipping physical products, installing Ty Package Tracker offers many advantages and opportunities to improve your customer service, keep your name in front of your customers, reduce customer service time and costs and separate yourself from your competitors.

Installation service is available via our standard Plugin Installation Service.