Image ResizerThe Image Handler plugin for Zen Cart will speed up the back-end administration for you *and* speed up the front end for your visitors.  A fast website has always been important and with Google using page speed as part of their ranking algorithm, it’s even more important than ever.

Images are certainly a big part of any e-commerce site, so they are with Zen Cart. The key to images is to display only the size required for the page being viewed.  While you want to have large, hi-res images available for your visitors, you don’t want to use them when displaying a thumbnail image on a category page or even the regular product image.  The file size of those hi-res images will be very large. You can improve page load times be serving up smaller images for those smaller spots on category pages.  One the product page, it will be a larger image, but not the full, hi-res version.  That’s saved for when a visitor click to see the ‘larger image’ .

Zen Cart has always allowed for a different medium and large image to be assigned to products.  The problem was you had to create each image size by hand, name it correctly following the correct naming rules and upload it to the correct directory.  Then re-do those steps for each and every product image on your site.  Not fun. Not quick.

Image Handler does all of the heavy lifting for you.  From the admin, simply upload one, hi-res image for your product.  The module will create the two smaller versions, rename them and save them all automatically.  Going one step further, it uses the image size settings in Zen Cart admin when creating those smaller images. Change the image size settings and all new smaller images are created, automatically.

Think about that for a moment.  With the old way, if you wanted to change the size of your medium or large image, you had to go back and re-create them all, one-by-one, and upload them all again.

With the Image Handler plugin for Zen Cart, all you have to do is upload one, hi-res image for each product. Done. The resizing, the renaming, the file storing is all handled for you, automatically.

If this sounds like something you might like, you can order installation of Image Handler from our website or Contact Us for more information.