A new One Page Checkout for Zen Cart makes checkout faster. Website businesses are always looking to make things easier for our visitors.  That is most true during the checkout process. Once a visitor has found something they want to purchase, the checkout should be as quick and painless as possible.

Reducing clutter and distractions, such as hiding the left and right columns during checkout help. Amazon, the king of e-commerce has done this for years. Fewer distractions for the shopper means they are focused only on completing the checkout steps, just as we want them to do.

One Page Checkout for Zen Cart helps improve conversion rates.

By combining the billing and shipping options into one page, there are fewer steps to checkout. Fewer steps = high conversion rates. All order option appear on one page (see below) making the process simpler and faster for shoppers.

Simpler and faster means higher conversion rates.

One Page Checkout for Zen Cart

There is another plugin that offers combined checkout pages but I’ve never recommended it. It is bloated and overly complex for what it does. This One Page Checkout for Zen Cart is simple and light weight. It is also responsive, i.e. mobile friendly. This makes is a great option if you are still using the default Zen Cart checkout process of four pages.

For more information or to have us install this One Page Checkout for Zen Cart, contact us!