The Autoresponder plugin in Zen Cart will automatically send email follow-ups to your customers. Up to three preset emails can be configured in the admin. You choose the number of days after purchase to send them along with the subject and message text.

The most popular use of this plugin is an order follow-up. The email, pictured here, Autoresponder+ Emailthanks the customer for their purchase, reminds them what they purchased and then asked for a review.  This accomplishes three important things in one, short email.

  • Tells your customer you appreciate their business.
  • Reminds them who you are and what they bought so they remember you next time.
  • Increases the number of reviews posted on your website.

The overall message is that you care about them and not just getting their money. It’s one step in building and improving the relationship you have with your customers.

Asking for the review accomplishing two important steps.  You’re asking them for their input and opinion.  Everyone likes to be asked for their opinion, it makes them feel important and respected.  Second, reviews have become one of the most important selling tools.  Shoppers look to reviews for product information as much, or even more so, than the actual product description. Shoppers trust other shoppers.  The more reviews you have, the more information you are providing to your shoppers, the more who will decide to purchase from you.

A less popular but very successful use is to apply the product restriction setting.   This setting for the Autoresponder plugin also allow for a restriction based upon the product ordered.  This is handy if you sell a main product for which another is a popular accessory or add-on.  A follow-up email can be sent only to those customers ordering the main product explaining why the add-on product is so popular and useful for them. This allows for a very relevant and specific email increasing the response rate.

As mentioned, three different preset emails can be configured.  The beauty of this Zen Cart plugin is the automation. Once it’s set and tested, it runs all by itself.  There is no need to remember to send the emails or check who gets what version.  It just happens.

If this sounds like something that will improve your business, installation includes configuration and training.  You can order the Autoresponder for Zen Cart via our Plugin Installation Service.