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Your business deserves a great website that expresses your brand, attracts your target audience and helps you reach your goals. You’ll need a knowledgeable website designer who will turn your needs with the right design. Once you find the right designer, you’ll want to prepare for your first meeting so you can communicate your needs clearly.

Very broadly speaking, a website consists of a design and content. Content is the copy that tells  the story you want potential customers to read about your business. Design is the look and feel visitors see, and determines whether they will stay on your website. As you prepare for your first meeting with your designer, keep in mind that they design the site, and you are responsible for its content. Writing content requires knowledge of your business goals, target customers and product or service benefits. Plan on bringing content information to your web design meeting to give your designer a good understanding of your design needs. What information should you prepare?

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Know how to describe your business. Use information from your business plan, such as a description of your products and services, target audience, goals, strategies and tactics. Then, focus on your website visitors. Content should grab your customer’s attention by stating how your business will benefit them or solve their problem. Keep your description concise, so it will instantly convey whether the visitor will want to stay on your website and learn more. Include a description, benefits of your products and services to your target audience and your unique value proposition. This will get you started in creating content for the rest of your website and  will steer your designer toward the right look for it.

Know how your website will be used. Is this your first website? If so, be ready to tell your designer how you want the site to be used. Do you want visitors to call you for information? Or fill out an email request? Is it an ecommerce site? Ecommerce sites look different from professional services websites. Know who your target audience is, such as age, location, likes and dislikes, and what their needs are for your products or services.

What are your goals? Whether you’re creating a new site or updating an existing one, know what goals you’re trying to achieve. Common reasons for creating or updating a website include:

  • Increase awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Drive traffic to your brick and mortar store
  • Modernize the look of a website
  • Appeal to a different or wider target audience
  • Gather information about potential customers
  • Include or expand ecommerce capability
  • Add improvements to your ecommerce capability
  • Add security
  • Incorporate information about a new capability or product offering

Do you have a design in mind? Bring examples of websites you like or think are effective, including competitor sites. Bring your logo and other design elements you’d like on your site. This will help your designer choose the best design for your business.

We at Wheaton Website Services work with clients whose businesses have diverse design needs. We create successful websites by taking time to discuss the content with you first, and the design ideas will flow. We work with you to make sure your content highlights the benefits of doing business with you.
We look forward to working with you.

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