For those needing a way to submit a product data feed to Google, the Zen Cart Google Base Data Feed by Magnetic One was a popular choice. It has some great options, was very flexible and easy to use.

Zen Cart Google Base Data FeedUnfortunately, Magnetic One has discontinued development and is no longer selling the Google Base Data Feed for Zen Cart or any other platforms.

Existing installations should continue to work, at least in the short term. As with any software, at some point something will change that will cause the Google Base Data Feed to stop working and that will be the end of it.

For this reason, you should be looking at other options. For some, there may no longer be a need for a product data feed to Google. At one time, they would include products from such feeds in the search results for free.  Ah, the good ole days. This is no longer the case.  The products in the feeds are only used as part of AdWords campaigns. If you are not running AdWords then there is no benefit to submitting a product feed to Google so no need for a plugin to create a product feed.

If you do use products as part of your AdWords campaigns, then you do need to find an alternative. The Magentic One feed works today, but one day it will won’t. Plan for that day now to save yourself a headache then. As of this writing, the Google Merchant Center Feeder is currently the only other available product feed for Zen Cart. For most, this will be a very workable solution. It’s functions and options are different so you’ll need to be sure it will meet your needs. If not, a custom data feed module is an option as well.

If you are using the Magnetic One Google Base Data Feed or have a need for a data feed, get in touch with us.