Email continues to be one of the top, if not the top, marketing tool for many companies. Email metrics will tell you if what you’re doing is working. This all starts with a goal.

Top 5 Email MetricsDefine the Goal

Setting S.M.A.R.T. goals is the very first step…before you even begin writing the content. You’re goal will determine what to write about as well as what areas to focus on and what links to include in the content. If you don’t start with a goal, you are guaranteed to miss your target.

With your goal set, you will use your analytics to measure the success of each email and the overall campaign. The email metric of most importance will be determined by your goals.  The top five email metrics are:

Open Rate

This is the most basic and should always be tracked. It’s a measure of how many people actual open your email. Without this, there is no hope of any other conversions or goals being achieved. If rates are falling over time, this is a sign you are losing your effectiveness and not connecting with your audience. The subject line and the ‘from’ address are what drive open rates. A/B testing subject lines is a good way to increase open rates.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is a measure of the clicks on links contained in your email. A low rate indicates your audience is not interested in the content. Look for the topics and type of content, e.g. images, videos, etc, that get clicked on. Often time the email is a teaser to get visitors to your website in order to present more information on an upcoming event,  make a purchase or invite them to fill out your contact form.

Conversion Rate

Now we’re getting somewhere. The conversion rate is a measure of how many recipients have completed the action that was part of the goal you set for your email. Popular goals are to complete a purchase or fill out a form or application. The conversion rate is the number of people who completed this step. It requires your website platform to be integrated with your email so the analytics will record all the steps. Your website developer can help you out with this step.

Email Sharing and Forwarding Rate

All top email platforms include buttons to share your email on social media and forward to a friend. The measurement of these actions indicates how much your recipients like your content and if they feel it’s worthy of telling their friends. It is a huge vote of confidence in the relevance of the material and your company.

List Growth Rate

One of the results of sharing is increased subscribers.  When writing your content, never forget some of those who read it will not be current subscribers. They will have seen it on social media or in their inbox when forwarded to them. Include instructions on how they can easily sign up to get your next one.


These email metrics will help you measure the success of your email marketing campaigns. You need to measure them in order to know if you are on target and meeting your goals.  If not, all you need to do is make adjustments and measure the results again. It is a simple process of set a goal, measure the results, adjust and repeat. Overtime you will build a highly successful email marketing program.

This all assumes you are actually sending regular email campaigns. If you are not, we can help set you up with an email service and the tools to measure your campaigns. Please contact us for details!