Zopim and other chat services are very popular and many shoppers have come to expect them. They want instant answers to their questions.

We use Zopim chat and have installed it for a number of clients. It is:

  • integrate very easily with Zen Cart.
  • has a great free offering.
  • is super simple to use.
  • does not require an operator.

If you have staff available to engage it chats, great! If not, you will receive emails with notifications via email. Either way they offer a convenient way for customers to get in touch with you. Even with a Contact us for, online shoppers will choose the chat option over 70% of the time*. The easier you make it for customers to contact you, the more sales you will close.

Installation is easy and unobtrusive. It displays at the bottom right of the visitors screen. You can see it in action on our Zen Cart at Wheaton Website Services.

You don’t need to have an operator available at all times. During ‘off hours’, Zopim will allow visitors to leave you a message. The message will arrive as an email so you can respond to their question. In this way, it offers one more method for customers to contact you in the method they choose.

When you do have an operator online, customers can initiate a chat at any time from any page. You’ll get a number of helpful stats too. You’ll see how they found your site, including search engine and keyword, and the path they took to get to the current page and the page from which the initiated the chat. All of this will be helpful in answering the customers questions quickly and accurately without the need to ask lots of clarifying questions first.

Zopim allows you to create a list of quick responses so you don’t need to type out common replies. This makes it super easy for your operator by providing common answers quickly and accurately.  It also helps avoid embarrassing typos in the rush of a chat session.

Contact us today with any questions or the schedule installation of Zopim Chat for your Zen Cart.

* based on 30 day study conducted in October 2012 across three client sites.