Webmaster Tools are offered by both Google and Bing (edit: Google now calls theirs Search Console). They are easy to set-up and can help identify and fix issues with your website.

What kind of issues?

  • Recommendations to improve the ranking of your website.
  • Problems accessing your website.
  • Tips for helping them index all your content.
  • Tips to avoid duplicate content.

When first setting up a Google Webmaster Tools account, you’ll get a notification like this:

Google Webmaster Tools Notification

A few minutes setting these up will help Google and Bing (and any other search engine) crawl your site, understand your site and as a result, improve your site rankings.

Bing and Google will provide reports on how well they are crawling your site. Crawling your site is the first step in indexing and ranking.  If there are problems here, there will be problems ranking your pages.

These accounts are the only way Google and Bing will communicate directly with you about your website. This makes them extremely valuable for your business.

Beyond these first steps, you’ll also find:

  • HTML tips that ‘may help your site’s user experience and performance.’
  • Sitemap submission and testing.
  • robots.txt file tester.
  • Index stats.
  • Crawl stats.
  • Inbound link report.

With so much helpful, and free, information available these are some great but relatively unused tools. You want people to find your website.  These tools are built to help you make it easier for Google and Bing to find and rank your site pages.

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