When it comes to managing order from your Zen Cart, there are three approaches.  Use the default Orders function, export the order to a third-party system or install the Super Orders Plugin for Zen Cart. The default system covers the basics but much more is possible than the default order pages provide.

Super Orders for Zen Cart was designed for those who want and need more control and more information from within Zen Cart.  If a customer wants to change their shipping address, this can be done by editing the order from the admin. If they want to change the shipping method, that can be done too.

When processing orders, you can move forward and back from an existing order instead of returning to the Order List page, greatly improving efficiency.

Super Orders - Jump to Order

Super Orders also integrates with Ty Package Tracker also improving efficiency.  You can enter tracking numbers directly from the order page instead of navigating to the Ty Package Tracker pages specifically. If you use Edit Orders, this also integrates.  Yep, more efficiency.

It has more navigation options, more order control, more thorough data and more detailed reports. Yet, the plugin was designed for data entry clerks (some of the least-technically inclined people on the planet).  You can will be able to use and understand it.

We provide installation services for the Super Orders Plugin for Zen Cart. If you are looking for more out of your Zen Cart, contact us for details.