You know security is important.  You have an SSL installed. Your site displays the SSL lock in the address bar to confirm it.

Have you checked recently?

If your site is displaying a security warning, that could have as big an effect on conversions and shopper confidence as if you didn’t have an SSL in the first place.

Chrome SSL warning

Chrome, currently the most popular browser, displays a security warning (as shown in this image to the right) in more and more circumstances.

If the SSL is not valid, of course.  But also if there is content that is not being called securely.  Recent changes in Chrome will cause this warning to display in situations where it would not have previously.  Some older Zen Cart templates will trigger a warning.

So how do you know? Visit your site in Chrome and log in to your customer account.  If you don’t have a customer account, create one.  Look in the address bar.  Your url should change from http:// to https://

Wheaton Website Services SSL

You may or may not have the www, but you should have the green lock and https://

If not, contact us for assistance.