For some Zen Carts, a Per Unit shipping module makes the most sense.  In Zen Cart language, a ‘unit’ is a unit of weight.  In the US, that is most often a pound but depends on the settings you use for your store. It could be kilogram if you’re from the other side of the pond.

The Per Unit shipping module is another one of those keep it simple (KISS) modules.  It is not right for all stores but if it fits your needs, is very simple.  Simple to use and, more importantly, simple to explain to your shoppers. One of the most reasons for shopping cart abandonment is high or unexpected shipping costs.  Using a simple shipping modules avoids any surprises during check-out and should help you convert more shoppers into customers.

In the details of this module  is one more layer of control. It allows for both a shipping cost, as mentioned above, and a handling fee.  While they may sound similar, there is a key difference. The shipping cost is applied ‘per unit’ while the handling fee is applied ‘per order’.

Here’s an example.  If the shipping cost is $2.50 and the handling fee is $5, a one pound (assuming the unit is set as a pound) order would cost $7.50 to ship.  Under the same conditions, a 2 pound order would cost $10 (2 pounds times $2.50 plus $5).  This allows for the shipping cost to address the variable cost of shipping while the handling fee addresses the fixed costs such as packaging material and time.

Please see our module installation offer if you need the Zen Cart Per Unit Shipping Module installed and configured for your store.