One of the first things you need to configure in your new Zen Cart is a shipping module. There are several built-in modules including the Flat Rate Shipping Module.

The Flat Rate Shipping module for Zen Cart is one of the most simple and straight forward.  This module allows you to set a flat rate, or set amount, for shipping for any order.  This is most common for a shop with very similar products and similar shipping costs. You can set the rate at any amount you like. used to have a simple $0.99 shipping per order.  This is an example of a Flat Rate.  A more feasible rate is something like $4.95 per order.  If you ship a lot of 1 or 2 pound items, using the US Postal Service will be about that cost for you but make it an easy rate to promote and easy for shoppers to understand.

If you have a wider range of products, you may need something with more flexibility (and there are others like that) but for many this does the job and keeps it simple.

Please see our module installation offer if you need the Zen Cart Flat Rate Shipping Module installed and configured for your store.