Content MarketingIn the age of the Internet, digital marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to cultivate an audience for businesses. Be it through the website, social media, or a good mix of both, digital marketing is ideal for businesses with limited marketing budgets.

However, no matter how strong your digital marketing strategy is, if you’re not coming back and tracking the results and metrics after the implementation, you might as well not do it. One of many essential metrics that businesses ignore but should not is, churn analysis.

In an ideal business world, once a customer, always a customer would’ve been true. However, be it voluntary or involuntary churn, no company or business is immune to it. Among many ways of retaining customers and reducing churn rate, one is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy – content marketing.

More than 80 percent of marketers are already using content marketing in 2021. All you need to do is reshape your content strategy in a manner that also positively impacts your churn management.

In this blog, we are taking you through the ways content marketing can help you keep your churn rate to a minimum.

5 Ways to Reduce Churn Rate Through Content Marketing

  1. Create Buying Guides
    One reason for customer churn is customers do not find the product the right fit for them. They sign up for the product without completely understanding whether the product meets their needs and then unsubscribe when they don’t find it satisfactory. The best way to tackle this problem is to create more awareness about your products through buying guides. Launch content on your website that makes it easier for the potential customers to weigh all the pros and cons of their options. If readers make an informed decision, they are less likely to leave since they know what they are getting into.
  2. Produce Post-Purchase Content
    While buying guides help you lock in potential customers, post-purchase content ensures that customers make repeat purchases. It can include content, such as user guides, maintenance guides, tutorials, or troubleshooting guides. Anything that solves the queries your customers might have after they buy a product from you. It helps them know you care about them even after they’ve checked out.
  3. Do Not Underestimate FAQ Centers
    If you subscribe to an SEO tool and find it difficult to use, what would you do – call customer support or scroll through the website to find content that solves your queries? Well, for more than 60% of customers, a digital self-serve tool like an FAQ page is the go-to solution for simple inquiries. Think about all the possible questions your customers may need to know about your product or service. Break the section down into different areas, such as general questions, pre-sales questions, technical questions, domain questions, and add-on questions. Doing so will improve customer satisfaction. When customers have their issues resolved quickly, they are less likely to contribute to churn data.
  4. Hook Customers with Content Series
    A successful content strategy delivers informative content to users and solves their pain points. However, it’s one thing to engage users in your free, value-adding content, and another matter to hook them to your content to the point that they keep coming back for more.One of the most engaging ways to do so is to create a series of episodes or build a narrative around a content series. If it’s blog content, construct them in several parts. If it’s video content, create a series that users wait for. Do the same with podcasts.
  5. Incorporate Different Content Channels
    According to Crystal Clear Communications, 73 percent of marketers use blog posts and articles as it builds awareness and interest in the early stages of the purchase. While 57 percent use podcasts, 54 percent use videos. 42 percent engage in case studies. You see, customers like to engage in different forms of content according to their preferences. Therefore, use metrics to find out what type of media works best for your business. You can repurpose your videos to a short blog, a social media post, and a podcast. This way, your customers will make an informed and educated purchasing decision. It impacts the churning business and keeps it low.

Customer acquisition is itself a long and challenging process. After all the time and energy you spend on converting a lead, it only makes sense that you invest efforts and resources in retaining it. Moreover, increasing your customer retention and reducing churn rate is how companies make profits and get success.

As the subscription economy continues to grow, customer drop out will be reducing potential profits. There are several methods to recover revenue. Gravy Solutions is the global leader in revenue recovery with emphasis on a human approach. Every lost payment has a potential customer with a unique situation which automation cannot currently address.

* image used under license from Pixabay.