Beginning in October 2017, Google’s Chrome will display a “NOT SECURE” warning when users enter a page on your site that has a form. This is just another move by Google to encourage website owners to use https site-wide. They already give a boost to site rankings for https pages.

Chrome security warning

The Chrome browser controls 59% of desktop market and 57% of the tablet and mobile market so there’s a good bet most of your customers will be affected by this change. You can also bet if they see a warning while on your site, most of them will leave thinking is it not safe.

Being secure requires an SSL (security certificate) be installed on your hosting account. Many hosting companies now provide them for free. If you’re hosing with Wheaton Website Services, we provide a free SSL and it’s automatically installed and updated.

Once your SSL is installed, your website needs configured to use the SSL so all page load with https instead of http.

If you see http or a security warning, contact us so we can fix it for you.