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Effective Welcome Email

Email marketing ROI is higher than any other channel or messaging format. An effective welcome email will lead to long-term relationships better than any communication format.

  1.  Send immediately: send your Welcome Email immediately after someone signs up to a membership, subscription or call-to-action. It not only shows appreciation, it’s an email they will accept because they recognize the source: you.
  2. Subject line: send a short, clear-to-the-point message using action words: new, just in, bulletin, update, alert.
  3. Personal greeting: greet the person with their name, and tell them what they can expect to receive from you now that they have signed up. Make sure you say Welcome! or Thank-you! based on your message. Add value to the personal message like an update from the industry, or news that might effect them.
  4. Tell recipients what to do next: add links to archived newsletters, blogs, posts, e-books. Offer a value when you ask them to do something. Request more information from them in order to personalize future emails.
  5. Always provide a value specifically to them: not a generic give-away, but something that is relevant to them, their need. If you create a newsletter, and there is a specific article that effects a smaller core of subscribers, let them know it’s an article just for them.
  6. Ask for a follow: link the email to your social media platforms and ask for them to ‘follow’ you.
  7. Ask subscribers to add you to their ‘safe-senders’ list: your contacts list can increase significantly even if you only receive a few new names. Then, send those new contacts a ‘referral Welcome! Email’. For everyone, tell them to add you to their contacts list to ensure they receive your future emails.
  8. Unsubscribe: first, it’s the law. Secondly, you are giving them a chance to vote out. It should be less than 2% if you offer value.
  9. Refer a friend: ask your subscribers to refer a friend with a value offer. Include a refer-a-friend link to make it easy for subscribers to pay it forward.
  10. Great visuals: have visuals that not only support your message, but make sure that the graphics are mobile, portrait-format, as 67% of all researching for a new business is done on the smartphone.

In a crowded industry, or one where ‘every company says the same stuff’ you need to find a way to separate and differentiate yourself. Not with just a different Voice, but with a different offer that proves your value. Emails that are personalized and directed to a specific Tribal member, they can be up to 300% more effective than any other channel.

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