Did you ever wish you could log in as a customer in your Zen Cart? It’s a common situation for some store owners.  It can be used if you accept phone orders, orders via email or any other method that is not online directly through your Zen Cart. Logging in as the customer allows you and your customer the benefit of tracking their order status online and reporting the order along with all your other orders.

It is also helpful with troubleshooting and general customer service.  If a customer has a question about something they see online or it’s not working the way they expect, you can log in to their account and see what they see.  You can view their cart with them, see order history, etc.  At this point, you can help them understand what they see and correct, if necessary.  Say they need to adjust the order quantity in their cart. You can log in and change it for them and then show them how to do it for themselves next time.

The Admin Log In As Customer plugin for Zen Cart allows you to literally log into their account just as if you were them (see images below).  This is different than you logging in your account. You will see many of the same things, but you obviously won’t see any of their account details.  Access is from the Zen Cart Admin so passwords are never shared.  In fact, you will not ever see or know their password.  Using the admin profiles built into Zen Cart 1.5 and higher, you can control which admin accounts have access to this option.

Controlled, safe, secure access to customer accounts for troubleshooting, customer service or other help is the benefit of the Log In As Customer for Zen Cart plugin.

Contact us for installation details.

Below are screen shots of what the plugin will look like when properly installed.  Some find the Place Order button confusing. What you are actually doing is logging in as the customer.  You may then choose to place an order, but that’s just one thing you can do once logged in.

Step One (in the admin)
ALAC Step One






Step Two (on your store front)