When was the last time you read your About Us page? You have one, right?  The About Us page is a very unique opportunity to talk to your shoppers and turn them into customers.  It’s not about selling. It’s one of the few pages on your site that isn’t not about selling.

It’s also not about telling.  It’s not really about YOU at all.  It’s all about them, your customers.  The ones who are considering doing business with you.

As you write it keep asking yourself ‘So what?’ If you were your customer, why would you care about what you just wrote?  You’re not writing about you and your company, you are writing to befriend one customer at a time.

Write as if you are writing to one person and make it about THEM.  So what you use top quality ingredients.  Why should I care??  That’s a feature, give me the benefit.  Will top quality ingredients make what ever you sell last longer, taste better, be healthier for me or something else?  That’s the part you need to tell me.  Don’t make me figure out why you use top quality ingredients.  Don’t make your customer think, spell it out in simple terms.

While you write, ask yourself ‘so what?’.  Keep re-writing until you get a good answer to that question.  THEN you know you’ve made it about THEM and not you.

What to dig deeper? Jen Havice’s post How To Use Your ‘About Us’ Page To Acquire Customers is a great resource.

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