Zen Cart Version 1.5.5The Zen Cart development team has released version 1.5.5e

Changes in Zen Cart 1.5.5e include:

  • Upgrade PHPMailer from 5.2.21 to 5.2.22
  • Update gmail support to use TLS per published standards
  • Fix bug introduced in v1.5.5c related to deleting customers
  • Add built-in support for new .htaccess rules required for Apache 2.4, so mod_compat doesn’t need to be installed
  • zc_install improvements better handling for upgrades from v138 / v139
  • zc_install – removed extraneous backticks from upgrade SQL from v154-to-v155
  • Bridge compatibility for transition to removal of the ENABLE_SSL_ADMIN constant
  • Consolidate to a single upload class, shared between admin/catalog
  • Updates to Payeezy and First Data HCO payment modules
  • NOTE: There were NO Database Changes

If you are doing what we recommend and keeping current, Zen Cart 1.5.5e is a minor step so please contact us to schedule your upgrade.

If you are using something older and have not upgraded, the reasons to do so keep getting longer and longer. Please do contact us for an upgrade quote. It’s not a question of *if* you should upgrade but a question of *when*.