This is important information you should know.  You can find what version of Zen Cart you are using by logging into your Zen Cart Admin and clicking on ‘version’ in the header row on the top right.  This is circled in purple in the image below.

Zen Cart Version

This page will also show you the history of your Zen Cart and any previous upgrades that have been done. It also displays some basic server information, like your PHP version. In this example, they are using the current 1.5.4 and have been using Zen Cart since version 1.2.6 in 2005.

The current version is 1.5.5e. If you are using anything older, an upgrade is in your future.

Pay special attention if you have 1.3.8.  This version has known, unpatched security holes. This left anyone running 1.3.8 in a vulnerable spot and you need to upgrade now.  Please contact us for upgrade information.