If you own a brick and  mortar store to go along with your Zen Cart, the Store Pickup Shipping Module is very beneficial.  As the name implies, it allows a customer to place an order online but come to your store to pick it up.

There are a few key advantages to this. They include:

  • Offering Free Shipping.
  • Bring foot traffic into your store.
  • Potential to up-sell and cross-sell.

Shipping costs are the number one reason why shoppers abandon their shopping carts and do not complete their orders.  With the Store Pickup option, you can eliminate this obstacle and increase your conversion rate online and get them into your store for more opportunities.

This is one of those best of both world things.  While selling online you can offer free shipping without having to eat the shipping costs.  Many of the biggest companies not only offer but also strongly promote their order online/pickup in store options.  They know they can increase sales, both online and in-store, by doing so.  So can you.

If you have any questions or need help installing or configuring the Store Pickup Module, you can contact us or order installation online.