Shared Hosting vs VPS Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, there are three types of hosting accounts. They are Shared, VPS and Dedicated. We'll explain Shared and VPS below. You can think of Web Servers as just fancy computers built to run websites.

With a Shared Hosting Account, your account is one of several on the same machine. Your account has different permissions to prevent access between accounts, but you are all on the same machine. This means you all share the same disk space, memory and other resources. Just like your home computer, if you try to do too much at once everything slows down. Good hosting companies, like our partner, do a good job of limiting problems but this is the downside of Shared Hosting. The upside is that it is cheap.

With VPS Hosting Accounts, your account is on a different partition than anybody else. There will be more than one partition on a server, but far fewer than on a Shared Server. The partition creates a 'virtual private server' (VPS) so your account is not affected by others. You have your own disk space, your own memory and other resources dedicated to just your site. You also have more control over the server and software settings on your server. Since it's only you, you can install or customize many options to your own needs. You get many of the benefits of a Dedicated Server without the higher price.

When it comes to choosing what is right for you, there are some questions to ask yourself. Every person and business has a unique set of needs.

Are you looking for the lowest cost possible?
Is there anything special or specific you need to run your website(s)?
Would down time be a problem for you? How long is ok?
Is your website a hobby or a business?

If you need help deciding which is right, please feel free to contact us. We have help you sort out the options to fit your needs.