Google Analytics Training Package


This is a three month program to set you up for success. We'll meet once a month for three months to build out a Google analytics program for your business.

We'll build a custom dashboard with 3-6 reports specific to your business and marketing efforts. These will be a snapshot of the KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) needed to quickly assess the success of your website.

During months two and three, we'll review the reports together to teach you how to interpret the data. You'll learn what to look for and what to ignore. From this, you'll start to see what is working well on your website and what is not. Then you can make adjustments to your business plan, marketing efforts, etc. knowing your decision was based upon hard data.

At the end of three months, you'll be in a position to continue this on your own or subscribe to one of our Google Analytics Support Package to review either monthly or quarterly.

We want to help you make continuous improvements to your website on an ongoing basis. It is through these small steps, one after the other, that you will grow your business. Your competitors are not standing still. If you are, they will very soon pass you by.

Read some of the feedback from our beta of this program...

Do you think this learning from Google Analytics can help you gain a competitive advantage?

- 100% of participats said Yes.

Most useful feature?

- Learning about conversions.
- I learned something about how to understand analytics data.


- I've used analytics before but struggled to see structure in the data, the custom dashboard is absolutely fantastic.
- 'It helped me' identify conversions from different referrals 'sources'.