Wheaton Website Services has exceeded our expectations.

We started working with James King in 2017, after a commercial template installation for our Zen-Cart went bad. The template looked good on the seller’s website, but it wreaked havoc on our Zen-Cart. The company that sold the template was very slow to address the many problems we experienced. I found James on Zen-Cart’s forums, we discussed the situation and James went to work. He rescued our site, badly broken by that template. In the process he did an upgrade of Zen-Cart, re-installed numerous plugins, including customizing those plugins to work with the template. We were back in business -- exhale!

But, our Wheaten Website Services story doesn’t end there. Since then, we have engaged James on numerous issues that needed attention. We needed our UPS XML shipping module updated --James took care of it. We needed to control which shipping methods would be offered to which delivery addresses – James made it happen. We needed a flat rates shipping method, but complicated by a matrix of product quantities. James developed and installed it. We needed to streamline checkout and improve layout of the screens for a better customer experience. James cleaned it up. I discovered debug errors in the Z-C log files, indicating a problem with page rendering. This probably had an impact on site performance. I asked James to investigate, and he resolved the issue. Plus we’ve had many, many smaller CSS tweaks for minor layout or rendering issues. Next, we need to clean-up an excessive number of scripts and CSS loads introduced, once again, by that danged 3rd party template. James has cautioned that we don’t want to break functionality, but he’s up for working on improving these issues, too.

Through all of this, James has brought the work in on time, and often early, and always within his very reasonable quoted fee. And, we have never experienced down-time. The only surprises James has given us have been good ones. He is now our go-to man for anything Z-C we can’t handle or don’t have time for in-house. I’ve strongly recommended James to a business partner who’s looking to freshen their web presence with Z-C. We initially presented James with a very ugly site situation, and he rose to the challenge, and he has exceeded our expectations ever since. You can’t go wrong with Wheaton Web Services.
Testimonial By: Greg Beyer